AirBnB Business

Love’s Door desires to build businesses in Zambia to help wean us from total dependence on Overseas Donations.

Our first such business venture will be three AirBnb’s in Livingstone - one of the greatest tourist capitals in the world. We believe these will be able to provide a good income year after year for Love’s Door, and hopefully bring a new clientele of people who become familiar with the work of Love’s Door and will want to partner with us for the long haul.

Each house will have three or four bedrooms to rent out separately or as an entire house. It will also have a servant’s quarter in the back where staff may stay to oversee and manage the property. Here is a picture of the first such house.

The expected cost of each house will be $2800: 6 months rent, furnishing the entire house, some small amount for staff expenses.

Total Cost for All Three: $8,400

We need your help to make this a reality.