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Make a donation today to one of our projects listed below. For only $30 a month, you can support one of our orphans. They will receive school, food, tutoring, spiritual and life-skills training in a loving community.

Orphan Home #4 $40,000

Our desire is that our most vulnerable kids are given a loving home to fully develop into what God has created them to be. This is not an institution, but a family, with Zambian moms, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. We keep it in the village setting so if there are relatives that want to remain involved, they can. We don’t elevate them to little Americans, but keep them in a fairly simple, yet adequate environment, so they will grow to be Zambians indeed. We want to build a duplex on our southern village base - one side for our older girls, and one for our older boys, and have the large home remain as for the younger kids. Each side will house 12 kids comfortably, so this amount of money will include flush toilets, running water, solar power in each room, bunk beds and furniture. Please help make this dream a reality.

  • One-Time Donation

Twashuka School Fund $1,900

Twashuka School Fund

Provides much-needed resources for ongoing education of children.

  • One-Time Donation
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Classroom Dividers
  • 3 Exterior Doors
  • Desks, blackboards, etc...
  • Monthly Donation: Teachers
Support Twashuka School

Toilet and Shower Upgrade $5,000

On our southern village base we host a lot of teams and church groups and interns and village activities. We need a better toilet facility than we have. Currently we are using composting toilets and outdoor showers. We love the cool and simple ways, but sometimes (especially in rainy season) they just can’t keep up with the usage. We want to build a toilet and shower block with flush toilets and septic tank.

  • One-Time Donation