Christmas Album

Dear friends of Dan and Regina

Our daughter and her husband – Liana and Jason Stone – are working hard to pay debts and raise money to serve at All Nations in Cape Town in about a year. One way they are doing this is thru their music. I must say, in such an unbiased way, it is some of the nicest stuff around. Give a listen.

Here is Jason’s new Album “If Shoes Could Talk” – follow the link to ITunes, listen and buy.

Here is one of Liana’s Album, Things That Rust. and Potato People.

Here is their new Christmas Album.

Jason Stone- “If Shoes Could Talk”

J finished this album last January (2010) just before we left for Africa for two months- it inevitably was buried in our preparations… So, it’s never been properly released. 11 tracks and a lot of variety, definitely worth a listen!

Liana Bumstead- “Potato People!”

I finished this album in December 2007 ALSO just before leaving for Africa for eight months! (Are we seeing a trend?) Just like Jason, I was never able to give this album the publicity it deserves. I finally have it available on itunes and would love to hear your reviews!


Jason and I have just finished putting together a 3-song Christmas album! Recorded by Isaac Sturtevant @ Yamhill Studios. We are really excited about it! And… well, it feels so great to be recording again.


Wanna do us a huge favor? Look up our albums on itunes, have a listen, and write a review. Or, if you just can’t find words, just select how many stars you’d give the music. (I suppose you’d only really be doing us a favor if you wrote a favorable review, but I won’t beg you for that. 🙂 Both of the following albums are newly uploaded on itunes, and having a few reviews on the page would be great!


If you’d like to purchase any of our albums you can contact me directly @

Jason Stone- “If Shoes Could Talk”——$10

Liana Bumstead- “Potato People!”——-$10

Liana Bumstead- “Things That Rust:—-$10

Jason & Liana Stone- “Oh Christmas!”–$5

THANK YOU ALL! We love you. – Jason & Liana Stone

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