Sponsor A Child

For only $30 a month, you can sponsor any of the children below. With their sponsorship, they will receive school, food, tutoring, spiritual and life-skills training in a loving community. Simply choose a child below, click on their link, sign up for your monthly payments and we will send a New Sponsor Packet to you with a picture and instructions.



Albetinah is a very sweet natured girl who is naturally very bright. She passed her grade 7 exam (a big exam in Zambia) with very high scores! Albetinah is very dedicated to her school work. She will do what she can to find any extra assistance to help her do well. Her favorite classes are history, civics, and science. As one of six children in her family it is challenging to find school fees for all. Sponsoring her would be huge for her and her family, especially as school fees have gotten more expensive now that she's not in primary school. When she finishes school she would love to become a teacher.


Alex is a sweet young boy. His father is one of the night guards for Love's Door. He is an exceptionally hard worker, but he has a few sons that he is trying to send to school. Sponsoring Alex would help the family.


Charity's father passed away 4 years ago. She lives with her mother, step-father and brother. She is small for her age, loves singing, and learning. Her ambition is to become a nurse when she grows up. Her strong desire to learn can give her a bright future.


Christobel is such a sweet fun-loving girl. She loves to spend time playing with her friends, she’s goofy, and she will try to read any chance she gets. When we first met her she was 9 years old and was just learning how to write her name. Christobel lives with her mother, stepfather, and her baby sister. She has other siblings, but they live with relatives far away. Christobel is often responsible for many household chores such as washing, cooking, sweeping, or catching fish for the family to eat.


Dan was born July 25, 2011. He is a very cheerful boy. He lives with his mother and two siblings, but spends a lot of time at his grandmother's home where his mother and grandmother make reed baskets for a living. Sponsoring Dan will make a real difference in his family. When Dan isn't at school, he can be found fishing, playing at Love's Door, playing draft (checkers), playing football or building a new toy.


Denes is a very bright boy who works hard at school. He just finished grade 7 where he took one of Zambia's big examinations and passed with high marks. He stays with his uncle's family because both of his parents have passed away. The uncle's family has been trying to pay for school fees, but they are currently paying for 4 of their own children along with this orphaned boy. Since he passed grade 7, going on to grade 8 has increased the school fees making it very difficult for the family to pay for Denes. School is now a long distance from Denes' home, maybe a 2 hour walk one way, but he is determined and pushing hard every day to make school a priority. Please help Denes to get a good education and help the uncle's family by paying his school fees.


Dorcus stays with her mother and her father and 6 other siblings. Her father has a disease which causes him not to be able to work. Sponsoring Dorcus would allow her to go to school and it would assist the family as well.


Edward can come across as a quiet boy, but once you get to know him or you see him in his comfort zone, he can be playful, fun, and loud. Edward loves fishing, playing soccer with his friends, and building things such as cars out of anything he can find. He lives with his grandmother, aunt, and cousins. His grandmother makes baskets out of a certain type of plant found around here, but the income from the baskets isn’t enough to pay for Edward’s school fees.


Elina is mentally handicapped. Her father was never in her life, and her mother died when she was 10. She would not go to school without being sponsored as they want her to care for the little brother.


Esther lives with her Aunt in a household of 14 after the death of both parents. She did so well in grade 7 that she was chosen for Nico Secondary School for Girls, but her Aunt lost her job and can no longer pay for Esther to attend school. Helping Esther could go a long way with her love and passion for education.


Esther is super cute. Your heart can't help but melt when you see her smile. She's an active and gentle little girl who is a big helper at home. She lives with her grandmother and a few other siblings and cousins. She seems to enjoy school although it's difficult for the family to come up with the money for her and the other cousins that live in the house.


Favour is a double orphan - father and mother passed away years ago. She is a very happy girl though - staying with an aunt near to town. Somehow this small school has allowed her to come for free until now, but she needs sponsorship and your prayers to overcome the struggles she is facing in life.


George is a hard worker. He just wrote his grade 7 exam (a big examination year in Zambia) and he did very well. He stays with his aunt because his mother has a mental disability and is unable to care for him. The aunt's husband had taken a second wife because she was unable to have children. The husband recently passed away and all of their belongings went to the second wife because she has children, leaving the aunt with nothing. The aunt has some health issues that have caused her not to be able to hold a steady job. She does have a sewing machine and when work comes she does what she can, but it isn't enough to support her nephew whose school fees have increased because he is no longer in primary school. Please consider helping George continue his education.


Gibson is a sweet boy in a very vulnerable position. His father has passed away and his mother has some mental disabilities. He currently lives with one of his aunties. He is often found roaming around the villages freely with his friends. Sponsoring Gibson will hopefully help create some structure in his life.


Haggai is a double orphan living with overburdened relatives that have no income. By sponsoring him you are a big part of teaching him about God's love. You are providing some of his basic needs and providing opportunities for education


Idah lives with her family. She has 6 other siblings, which includes fairly young twins. She is in a vulnerable situation. She is bright and hardworking. Pray for Idah, that as she grows to be a young woman she would find and deeply know the love of her heavenly Father.


Iness is 12 years old and in 7th grade. She stays in Liyoka village with her sister. She is an orphan. The girl loves school so much and the previous school's results showed she did well.


Isaac is currently living with foster parents after her Aunt could no longer care for her in a household of 14. Isaac attended Tusole Community School. She is very courageous and has much interest in school, but lacks the funds.


Jane is one of four children in her family. Neither of her parents work, although when either of them get the opportunity to do a little piecework they jump at the opportunity. Jane is such a sweet mannered, gentle girl. She has the cutest laugh and eyes that light up a whole room. She loves learning to read and wandering around with her friends. Sponsoring her would make Jane’s dream of school become a reality!


Jennifer is a lovely, sweet spirited girl. Her parents both died of a common illness and left her with grandparents that cannot care for her well. She is now living in the house of Moses.


Jeremiah is the youngest of three living brothers. His father worked for years as a security guard for very low wages but the contract has ended. He now crushes rock into gravel with a hammer and sells it. Jeremiah's mother passed away years and ago and his younger brother died from diarrhea last year. Dad has remarried and there is now a 2 year old sister. Your sponsorship will greatly impact this very vulnerable child's life and show the tangible love of Jesus.


John is six years old, his father passed away when he was an infant and his mother works as a maid for very low pay. He has two older siblings--the oldest at age 9 goes to school in town, so any money mom makes goes to pay for those school fees. John and his other sister go to the small school we are connected with, whose teacher has allowed them to come at no cost. His family lives in a one-room brick house.


Jordan is 6 years old and in first grade. He is a shy boy, living in the village with his aged and crippled parents who are not able to work.


Kelvin is 15 years old and in grade 9. He loves learning and going to school, but his mother is ill and cannot afford to pay for school. His determination to learn inspires others.


Leonard is a bright boy. He's living with relatives who have no income. If sponsored, he will be able to attend school and make a better life for himself.


Loveness and her brother Mark just turned eight years old. Their mother abandoned the family for another man when they were toddlers. Their father had managed to care for them while holding down a job until he contracted a disease which left him crippled and unable to work. The twins joined us in January 2014, and were delighted to sleep in bunk beds and receive new clothes and shoes. Please consider sponsoring Loveness so she can receive a good education and have the opportunity to do great things.


His mother died some years back, she was taken with a crocodile when she went to bath and drowned in the Zambezi river. Then later his father remarried, though he is not entitled to parental care, and this child has so much interest in school regardless of his father's negligence. He spends most of his time doing peacework then been in class in order for him to earn money to pay for his school, though the money is never enough to cater for his school feels, I feel its disturbing for him.


Malita was surrendered to her Aunt after the grandmother could no longer care for her after the death of both of her parents. Her Aunt's living conditions are so bad with 15 people in the household that she cannot pay for Malita's schooling. Malita has the desire and passion for school.


Mark and his twin sister Loveness just turned eight years old. Their mother abandoned the family for another man when they were toddlers. Their father had managed to care for them while holding down a job until he contracted a disease which left him crippled and unable to work. The twins joined us in January 2014, and were delighted to sleep in bunk beds and receive new clothes and shoes. Please consider sponsoring Mark so he can receive a good education and have the opportunity to do great things.


Marvelous is 16 years old. He lives in Siandunda Village with his family. Neither of his parents has a job. He just completed 9th grade did very well. His results were amazing. He really loves school and wants very badly to continue. His family cannot pay for him to continue his schooling. Sponsoring Marvelous will provide him an opportunity to continue to grow.


Mary lives with her single mother and 3 brothers. Her grandmother and cousins live next door. Mary is a lively girl who will do anything she can to please. She always wants everything to be neat and done perfectly, but she has a competitive side that might overrule her need for perfection. She really enjoys reading and is fairly good at math. She is often found taking care of her younger brothers or playing with her friends.


Maureen is another girl who comes from a very vulnerable situation. Her mother has a few handicaps, making it difficult for her to get around. Maureen is quiet, gentle, and kind. She seems to be quite shy, although around a few close friends she can be a giggly girl. She loves to run around with her friends and play games. Sponsoring Maureen would change her life and her future.


Mavis is a sweet girl. She lives with her mother, who works, but doesn't make quite enough to support the family and pay for Mavis to go to school. Mavis has one older brother who stays at the house with them, but she enjoys staying at her older sisters house. Her older sister is married and has a baby. Mavis can quite often be found carrying the baby around on her back. Sponsoring her would greatly help her and take some stress off of her family.


Memory lives in a household of 7. She is the second born child. Memory previously had to drop out of school due to lack of support and is now working very hard to finish her education. She is wishing to make a difference in her family and help her siblings and parents. She has really been a good child and helps us with the girls Ministry. Supporting Memory would be of help to the community as a whole.


Memory is a sweet young girl. She lives with her single mother and siblings. Their family is in a vulnerable situation. Despite their current difficulties, Memory is a very happy, joyful girl who spends most of her time running around playing with friends.


Mike is a double orphan - both parents have passed. He is staying with his grandmother in the poorest compound in Livingstone. Mike is a happy boy and never seems to be troubled by his poverty, though you can see that he needs more care. Pray for Mike that he can grow to be all that God created him for.


Miriam lives with her Aunt in a household of 8 since her parents passed away when she was young.  She did very well on her grade 9 exams and loves school, but has been unable to continue her education because of lack of funds


Monde is a very sweet girl despite her special needs. She has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. Monde now lives in town and is able to attend a school for students with disabilities, but this is very expensive so sponsorship will help pay for all of her expenses. She is part of their track team and she loves to run.


Mutina's father is believed to have been murdered when Mutina was very young. She lives in a small mud house with her mother and 6 siblings. Her mother is lame. Mutina is the only one of her siblings who has not dropped out of school. Life has been very hard for her family since the loss of her father. She is a determined girl and loves school so much.


Nasilele is a very determined girl. Her parents separated when she was little. She has four siblings, two of which are married. Her mother has a small job at a tobacco farm, but she doesn't make enough money to support three children at home, so Nasilele lives with one of her married sisters in the village Nasilele wants to be a nurse someday so she can make a difference in her village.


Ndanda is a very bright boy with great leadership. He was abandoned by his mother after his father died. Today he is living in House of Moses.


Paulina's father died 5 years ago and she lives with her mother and three other siblings; one of her siblings is her twin sister, Malita. The family is in a very vulnerable situation.


Princess is 14 years old and a vulnerable child. She and her siblings live with her grandmother. Her parents are divorced and have no interest in their children anymore. Life has been hard for her. She is a committed and determined young girl.


She lives in Lioka's village, she stays with her Aunt called Leneta. She loves school so much that she did well in her previous grade. Only that she is lacking support. The parents divorced when she was still a baby, she grow up with her mother who only managed to support her up to grade 8, but now she is not going to school because of lack of money.


Richard has a story of amazing success. He grew up in the village where his mother worked at a local farm. His father was a taxi driver, but the car broke down and he has not been able to repair it yet. Off of one income his parents are supporting many children as well as renting a small house in town for Richard and his brother to stay in while they go to school. The family struggles to support many children as well as rent a house, pay school fees, get uniforms, and school supplies. Sponsoring Richard would not only support him, but it would greatly help his family.


Rodrick is the second oldest boy in his family. He can almost always be found playing soccer. Rodrick takes after his dad by being an extremely hard worker. Whenever there’s a task to be done around our property, Rodrick is the hardest worker of all the kids around. Neither of his parents hold a steady job, causing difficulty with paying for Rodrick’s school fees. Sponsoring him would help him and his family.


Royce is a sweet young girl. She is coming from a vulnerable situation, so sponsoring her would be of great assistance to her and her family. She lives with her mother and her younger brother. Royce is young and in 1st grade, so sponsoring her now would make a great impact on her entire schooling career.


Rusphin is a sweet girl who has had a lot of struggles in her life. A few years ago her father died. She lives with her mother and 4 others. The family is doing what they can to make it right now, so sponsoring Rusphin would support the family in more ways than one.


Parents are serving the poor and have no money to send to high school which is expensive for most Zambians. She wants to be a Dr. She is a solid believer and seems a strong leader like her parents, sharp and committed believer. Sits in my bible study for the adults every week.


Setina is a happy girl with many handicaps – it seems cerebrial malaria has impaired her speech, she has uncontrolled drooling and her left arm is atrophied. Perhaps medical attention would help her.


Susan lives with her Aunt in a household of 14 where no one is employed.  She moved there after her grandmother could no longer take care of her.  She has a fighting spirit and is eager to go to school.  She wants to be successful so she can be a help to her family.


Winifreda loves to play soccer and netball. She’s very competitive on the field as well as in her academics. She is very good at math, but has a more difficult time with English. It appears that her home life is a bit unstable, but despite all of this, Winifreda is a hard worker and seems to be so happy anytime she gets to be with her friends.