Sponsor a Child

For only $30 a month, you can sponsor any of the children below. With their sponsorship, they will receive school, food, tutoring, spiritual and life-skills training in a loving community. Simply choose a child below, click on their link, sign up for your monthly payments and we will send a New Sponsor Packet to you with a picture and instructions.

Edward Muhau

Edward lives in Singanga village with his grandmother, aunt and cousins. His grandmother and aunt make baskets to sell, but it doesn’t provide enough income to support their whole family. Edward isn’t always into playing soccer with his friends, but he will be there to cheer them on. He enjoys fishing with his cousin and joking around with his friends.

Jordan Kamujoma

Jordan is a sweet boy who loves following around his older brother, Vincent. He enjoys playing football and spends a lot of time by the river washing clothes and plates as well as fishing. It seems as though Jordan has not gone to school consistently because his family doesn’t always have the money to pay for his school fees. Sponsoring him would allow him to go to school consistently.

Winifreda Lubasi

Winifreda is a young girl from Singanga village who loves playing soccer and netball. She is very good at math, but doesn’t seem to speak much English. It seems like her home life isn’t great and her mother is oftentimes selling beer in their small yard. Her mother also tends to be controlling, but despite this Winifreda can be a hard worker and seems so full of joy anytime she gets to be with her friends.

Naomi Samunzila

Naomi is such a lovely child. She is currently living with her grandmother and a sibling. They have no income and their basic living needs are unable to be met. Naomi has a desire to learn and was attending school but not as of late. Please give her an opportunity to keep that passion to learn alive.

George Lubasi

George is the oldest of two, living with his single mother in Singanga Village. The mother sells village beer to make a small income. Otherwise they have nothing and neither go to school. The mother has come to church and Bible studies at times, but it would be so wonderful to begin to disciple her children.

Idah Mufana

Ida lives with her family. She has 6 other siblings, which includes fairly young twins. She is very vulnerable because she is living with a stepfather who does not treat her well. She has run away before, but we pray that sponsorship would provide a way for her to not become a street kid. She is bright and hardworking, but her family situation is difficult. Pray for Ida, that as she grows to be a young woman she would find and deeply know the love of her heavenly Father.

Monde Kadiyo

Monde is a very sweet girl despite her special needs. She has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. Her mother neglected her for alcohol and men and her 6-year-old brother was caring her for until she came to live at the Children’s Home. She now lives with a housemother in town and is able to attend a school for students with disabilities, but this is very expensive so sponsorship will help pay for all of her expenses. She is part of their track team and she loves to run.

Grace Mufana

Grace is a young girl who has given up on trying to go to school. Many kids try even if they can’t pay their school fees and then when they are turned away enough times they give up. Grace hasn’t had anyone to pay for her school fees in a long time, so she doesn’t even try to go to school anymore. She lives with her 4 siblings and her mother and her father died years ago. Sponsoring her would give her a chance to return to school and the chance to overcome the poverty her family is in.

Rodrick Muuba

Rodrick is from Singanga village. He has one older brother and a young sister. His parents have been having marriage problems and have actually been divorced in the past, but got back together. Pray that God would reunite this family. Their family struggles to get by, but it seems as though Rodrick has been able to complete school through grade 3. He loves to play soccer and is often found playing here on the Love’s Door base.

Lilian Mutema

Lilian lives with her mother who was widowed when Lilian’s father was killed by an elephant. Her family of 5 struggles to make ends meet with no income. Her mother was addicted to alcohol although the Lord is changing her life and she is desperately trying to stop and reunite their family. Lilian loves to ask questions and is fairly good at speaking English. She cares deeply for her 3 younger brothers and will do what she can to make sure they are taken care of. Sponsoring her would not only support her, but also her family.

Richard Metema

An elephant killed Richard’s father while he was trying to poach a few years ago. Richard now lives with his single mom and 3 siblings in Singanga village. His mom was an alcoholic, but she is trying to stop. Richard does not even try to go to school because his family has no money. Him and his brothers hang around the Love’s Door base a lot playing soccer even while all the other kids are in school. Richard is in a very vulnerable situation and could benefit from a sponsorship.

Rosemary Na'ke

Rosemary is an orphan, living with an elderly distant aunt as a helper. She loves English, to play sports - in particular netball, and hopes to one day become a doctor.

Judith Nasilele

Judith lives in Siamate village. She loves school and would spend all her time trying to read books if she could. She speaks English fairly well and has been a translator for us when we’ve been in Siamate village before. She seems to move around, living with different family members. One day she hopes she can be a teacher.

Christobel Maklena

When we first met Christobel she was 9 years old and didn’t know how to write her name. She lives with her mother, stepfather, and 2 younger siblings. She says that she has 2 other siblings, but they are either living with their father or an auntie. Christobel is often the caregiver for her young brother and she is oftentimes found cooking, catching fish, or doing washing for the family. She has a sweet personality, loves books, and playing with friends.

Mary Kamwe

Mary is a spunky girl who doesn’t have much of an attention span, but her love for life is captivating. Her parents are divorced. Her mother is living in town and her father lives out in the village, although he is always drunk. Mary lives with an auntie, but it seems like there are always many kids and not many adults around. Mary can be found at almost anyone’s house, whether eating there, just playing, or helping with chores. We pray that Mary will know the steadiness of a heavenly Father who loves her very much.

Shaft Moyoba

Shaft is a boy who would spend every day down by the river if he could. He is oftentimes found in a macoro (or canoe) checking his fishing nets or just riding around. If he’s not by the water he can be found playing soccer with his friends. He has a great smile and is always looking out for his friends.

Moreen Mufana

Moreen’s mother is handicapped and she also spends a lot of her time drunk. She doesn’t have a job and their family is very poor. This has placed Moreen in a very vulnerable situation. Sponsoring Moreen would give her a chance and hopefully it would allow her to rise up out of this extreme poverty.

Maggie Mayumbelo

Maggie is a double orphan. She lives with her grandmother, auntie, and a few other cousins. Maggie loves to learn and tries really hard when it comes to speaking English. She says she doesn’t like playing sports, but if you get her involved in a game she will enjoy herself. She spends a lot of time down by the river washing plates and clothes and carrying water for her family. We are praying that even though Maggie has no earthly father she will come to know the love of her heavenly Father.

Gibson Muyambo

Gibson is in a very vulnerable position. His father passed away and his mother has some mental disabilities. He seems to roam the village freely often playing with friends. Love’s Door helped his grandmother start a little store selling mealie, cooking oil, beans, and other basic supplies to help support the family.

Mary Chiweka

Mary lives with her single mom and 3 brothers. Her grandmother and 3 cousins live in a house right next door to them. Her mother and grandmother make baskets to try and support the family and Mary is often down by the river with her brothers or cousins fishing to find food for their family. She enjoys learning to read and is fairly good at math.

Peterson Malindi

Twelve-year old Peterson's mother died when he was four. Because his father is afflicted with mental illness, his impoverished grandmother has cared for him all these years. He managed to go to school through the support of a great-uncle, but that man passed away last year. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference for Peterson's life.

Chuma Siyauya

Chuma is a very sweet girl who lives with her mother, grandmother, and step-grandfather. She also goes by the names Sharon and Dodica. She has 4 siblings who are all out of the house and live fairly far away. Her 80+ year old step-grandfather makes charcoal to try and support the family, but it doesn't seem to be enough to pay her school fees. She is in grade 3, desires to learn, and has the sweetest smile.