This weekend I was blessed to see a young girl I had baptized a few years ago come to me with another young girl she had won to the Lord – she wanted to baptize her friend and wanted some tips! But before the weekend Festival was over the leadership stepped in and made sure a real pastor was there to “cover” the proceeding. Fortunately that pastor was secure enough to allow the youth to spread her wings and perform the baptism. We believe at Love’s Door 4 All Nations that if you land a fish, it’s yours to clean! The Great Commission is clear – GO into the ...

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Confessions of a Pharisee

As I unsuspectingly opened my Bible for my morning devotions, my selection fell on Matt 19 –the Pharisees (thank God I am not like them!) confronting Jesus about divorce. As my eyes scanned down the page, something began to swim in my mind: Instead of hearing the words of insipid enemies of Jesus, I was hearing my own taunts, my own reasonings, a very familiar method of critiquing new teachings. For several months before this I had been engaged in a debate with a pastor friend who had become convinced of evolution. He is well read, articulate, intelligent, ...

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Incarnation – the most precious gift of all.

Today I am trying to cheer myself for Jesus' sake. I am feeling lonely and blue, because my children and friends are in a distant country on this Christmas day. But perhaps there is something I can learn from this... What is Christmas all about, other than the miracle of incarnation? Such extreme holiness condescended to the lowest level, not just for a moment, but to live among those who were hopelessly degraded and perverse, and even to die with them. When we walk in the townships here - see the anger and aggression, the neglect of children, the stench of waste in ...

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