Bring The Little Children to ME.

image“I am the Vine, you are the brances; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” – Jesus

We have lots of great ideas and ambitions. But we absolutley will not start any venture without a sense  of   “Jesus is telling us to do this and that”. How many times have I done it the other way – moved with the idea instead of the command – and I had to maintain it, had to promote it, had to finance it…   What does it mean – “If My Words abide in you…”  except that we are intent on listening and obeying to the best of our ability?

So we have waited for the layout of the land. So we have waited to start the building projects. So we wait for the  design. And we have waited for the green light. 

Today I am here to tell you we have all of these except the design of the buildings. One night God wrestled with me all night – “LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME” he said. He is ready to start gathering the orphans, the outcast, the waste product of this terminal world system – and bring them onto His abundant lap to bless them. He wants to place them in small forever homes of solid Christian parents who will love and discipline and teach them. He wants to equip them with a good education and possibility thinking. He wants them to be thouroughly African, yet powerfully Kingdom formost.

God wants to reprogram Africa thru the most Kingdom, and least worldly manner – the little mustard seed that takes over the garden – the little leaven that transforms the whole pile – the little stone swung by the little boy that takes out the greatest demonic giant the world has ever seen. How will God change the corrupt leaders, the HIV symptom of a society gone decadant, the most brutal inhumane continent in the world? Could it be that God will call 12 million orphans to His Lap of loving transformation and make them the leaders of a reformation of society like this world has never before witnessed? I can’t predict that – all I know is that He is calling them to His lap for a blessing that will change their lives forever. 

Here is the map God showed us – hope you can decifer. The grey spikey things are existing trees, and the little red dots are trees to be planted. You will see two islands at the top of the page right along the Zambezi – bridges and houses on poles there. Those will be for short term teams and possibly tourists. Then along the ridge will be the short term housing and long term staff housing. This is a beautiful African forest treed area. Then in the middle of the property will be three or four orphan homes for 8-10 kids with a parent in each home. 

We are now clearing land to begin building. We trust God will provide as we take a step of faith. Please pray for us. We welcome all who are led to partner with us financially.Pray for God to send long term workers.  This is a venture from which there is no turning back – housing 40 orphans, schooling, providing businesses for the care givers… We are finally beginning to put it into stone and mud. 

                                            GARDEN EA BLOCK = 5 METERS           ENTRANCE  Playground SCHOOL KIDS HOMES GUEST LODGING STAFF LODGING ZAMBEZI RIVER     INLET INLET BRIDGE BRIDGE BRIDGE HEALTH CLINIC RIDGE Aprox 150 meters Aprox 130 meters Aprox 140 meters

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