Apostolic Passion

How does one explain the sacrificial servanthood that is lived by this cadre of gospel workers in Luanshya Love’s Door team? They probably work 50 or more hours a week with no pay, no benefits, few resources to make the work easier, and obviously, few helpers.

Why do they continue?    

The latin root for “passion” is to suffer. When one is passionate about something he or she is willing to suffer and die for it. When there is one dynamic Apostolic leader he can infuse this same passion in those near him. Aaron Mulenga is such a man.

“My feet were getting itchy for new territory”, Aaron told me. So he went out of town in a new direction and found some hungry souls. We have found that many people are open to hearing the Word of God, but few are of the stature and calling to be a focal point of a new work. We call these rare ones, Person of Peace. God, who created the itch in the feet, led Aaron to just such a one here in Kapukulu. Her name is Jean.

Jean, a single lady of about 45, came to this place when her sister died, to take care of the 4 kids. So she farms the land to try to keep food on the table and send the kids to school. As we traveled down the dusty road to her house we saw one small farm plot after another – people tilling the land by hoe and harvesting and planting by hand. All are very poor and desperate. Their survival depends on the next crop. There is no margin for error.

And yet 19 people showed up as we shared the Word of God together – some walking for miles to get here. Aaron wants to bring in Farming God’s Way and extend Family Table Sponsorship to help them. And he wants to see a flourishing Body of Christ –  being built into the very fullness of the stature of Jesus himself.

The next day we went to Twashuka – the community we have already invested in heavily. We built a Community Center there 2 years ago and immediately it became, by popular demand, a school for those who cannot afford it. There we met with three of the four volunteer teachers who teach the 130 kids who are enrolled. Frieda and Florence, Charles and Stephanie come every day and give of themselves for these kids. Besides teaching, Frieda and Florence are trained in Cherish – a purity program – and in CPX – a method of planting house churches. So they each lead some of those groups as well. And Charles leads the Soccer for Life program.

But as I sat with them, my spirit was heavy. I felt ashamed. Why do these, who give of themselves so completely, have to suffer so much? Every day they struggle – needing chalk, needing some walls to partition the 130 kids into separate rooms, needing books and materials and wall hangings and real chalkboards. They are trying to start a small block making business, but it’s really not adequate for the need. And how do they continue with no salary? Will tomorrow demand that one of them find paying work?

I want to call out to the Church of Jesus. COME AND WALK WITH US. LEND US YOUR HAND. GIVE US YOUR HEART.   We need to support these teachers! These leaders! We are not talking a lot of money. Mostly these workers need someone to surround them and lift their burdens – to know what they are facing, to strategize with them, to encourage them, yes, even to sponsor them. We are starting a Twashuka School Fund, but I am praying that someone will have it in your heart to influence your church to adopt this school program and its teachers.


                                                                DAILY NEWS AND PRAYER POINTS

  • We had three amazing teams this summer – World Race, NW Harvest Church from McMinnville OR, All Nations Missions School from Texas. A full blog could be written about each of them – but to each of you – thanks. You have left a deposit here.
  • Tim and Chris Phillips and their 4 little boys have joined us and they are a blast! We are rushing to complete a house for them to stay in – you can help. Here is a fund for them.
  • Josiah Wenger left us for 2 months to help with the Mandate School. Still not to late to enroll for this coming year of intense discipleship! Come back soon, Josiah!
  • Johannah Ulibarri and Miriam Butler from Oregon have arrived! Pray for a powerful time for them.
  • Celebrate God’s goodness with us: We went thru the longest financial drought of our existence, trusting God every month, and we saw Him move the church thru prayer alone! Our team fasted and called out to God, telling no one but our prayer partners. God promised us from the beginning that He alone would provide by prayer. So we prayed and prayed. When our resources got to $200, then God brought a month of donations totaling $15,000!! DOES GOD HEAR? IS HE NOT ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO DO WHAT HE HAS PROMISED? Will that amount last long? No. But we know God hears and answers. He will provide.
  • Our Nissan has gone to 4×4 heaven. What a good beast she was. We are having quite a time creatively stuffing our team into our flatbed. Pray with us for a passenger van to transport our staff and kids and teams. We have $3600 so far. You can help. Please consider a generous donation to a new vehicle.
  • Praise God – last week we had 3 new baptisms – out in the village. We don’t wait a day – when someone decides to follow Jesus we find a river. AND we had an invitation from another village to start a Sunday morning DBS – we hope will become a church soon!
  • Sponsor a kid – change the world!

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