Hi, what’s your name? 001

Thomas – Adi – Victoria – Edward – countless other young people I meet and talk to

What grade are you?

10 – 6 – 11 – 7…

Are you going to school?

Eyes drop, feet shuffle, how does one explain? It is embarassing to admit – but school has passed them by. And with it the hope and possiblity of clawing out of the sinking bog of poverty.


Ahh – this is the common reply – said with a descending note at the end – not like “Ahh(with an ascending tone), I found something new and exciting!”, but like, “Ahh – that is about all that needs to be said – the obstacles mount up like an insurmountable wall – where does one start to explain? It is like the final breath that empties ones lungs at death – a final resignation to the inevitable.p1010968

That is what life is like for a child in Ngwenya Village – it is full of Ahh’s.  Questions like, “Do you have enough food?” or “Where is your father?” – usually get answered in the same way. 

We spent another weekend with them – Mandate mission team (www.mandateschools.com) doing a kids camp with them. I am drawn to them. (Remember, we spent Christmas day with them at our house?) These 80 kids who are full of contridictions in life – sometimes they pray like angels, and other times flirting for a nickle for sex. God, how can we reach them? How can we help empower them and lift them up from their destitute poverty? 

We want to bless Justin – the man who has been helping them for 5 years – with songs and prayers and bible verses. He can’t do anything about their school fees or hunger or family problems. He wants a well – $10,000 – to make gardens and chicken and goat farms for the kids. I tell him I will pray with him. Will you?

If you want to believe with me for the money to buy this well – or if you want to donate to it – write me at lovesdoor@gmail.com or send money with a note “To Justin’s Well” – to Love’s Door, c/o Open Door Church, 339 NW Sherman St, Sheridan, OR. 97378. Thanks.

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