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As I was sitting on the floor worshiping with our Zambian Team 6 years ago I saw a vision. Now, I’m not much for visions. I’m a skeptic – a doubting Thomas – mostly. But this was a real live vision from God that changed my life. 

I saw Jesus on the cross with blood dripping from his hands to the ground. There was a line as far as the eye could see – single file and soberly coming to the cross. The people were, one after another, getting a drop of Jesus’ blood as it fell into their hands, and walking solemnly off in the same direction. I was thinking how wonderful it was that the drop of Jesus’ blood was redeeming all of these people. 

Eventually, it was my turn to stand in line and I also prayerfully went into the line and collected my drop of blood in cupped hands. But suddenly my eyes were opened! I saw that the blood was not for my own redemption, but that I should carry it to the Toka Leya people who had so few of their tribe around the throne. His plan was to send someone to touch them with that blood, and start a flow – a “crimson flow”, as the song-writer put it. His passion is for every tribe and tongue of the world to, on that final day, have a strong choir singing in their distinctive language.  

Now, after serving among these people, there is a growing church being led in their own tongue, by their own people, and the songs and prayers are sweet incense before God.  

  • We at LD are called to take a drop of Jesus’ blood, as it were, on our fingertip, to touch the soul of this people.  
  • That TOUCH transforms not only the recipient but the giver as well. One can never be the same again – your life is bound with cords of joy and pain. The lost receive Life; the messenger is given a burden of Care that will cost your life – “I am being poured out as a drink-offering…” I talk to people who have returned to the States for years, who still carry their cross for these souls.  
  • Jesus said, “Blessed are you who mourn…” – this from the mouth of One called, “a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.”  To care is to mourn for that one. Jesus CARED above all. Enough to die.  
  • We are not all called to carry the drop of blood for an unreached tribe. BUT WE ARE ALL CALLED TO CARE 
  • And this brings us to the second part of this vision – like an addendum that was added just this year.  
  • The one who carries the drop of blood on his fingertip is not solitary. That finger is connected to a hand, which is connected to an arm and a shoulder and a torso and legs and feet and a will and a passion and vision and voice and hearing…  
  • It is a large and growing section of the Body of Christ that has been called out and set apart at the cross to carry that blood to the TokaLeya 
  • Everywhere I go I see God moving to expand this army of love-messengers to bring His best to the world’s cast-offs. Every person that sponsors a child, donates financially, comes to serve, prays faithfully, does admin in their homes, does fundraising – it is an army of individuals around the world who are collectively LOVING THE LEAST AND THE LOST. When you get to heaven and some of these people will come and thank you for bringing to them this Rich Family and Kingdom! THANK YOU! 

If you are still reading, and your heart is burning, you may be one of the legions. To be in or out of that band is not of your choosing. God is calling you. The question is: how will you respond.  

God’s call always draws us out of our composure into a place of risk. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.”Will you make a pledge of faith today, as He gives you the confirmation and ability, to do that thing that is in your heart? 

I believe that this end of the year, when I evaluate what difference my life has made for the Kingdom, some will be stirred to make a risky commitment to go. Some will cast their nets far, trusting for a bounty to give. There are many roles in this charge – listen for yours; pledge; trust and obey!  


Dan and Regina are on sabbatical. Pray for them; pray for the Team in Zambia. D&R will make their base in Zanzibar for a time. You can still reach them at 

Thank God for so many new churches and individuals who have joined the ranks of supporters, sponsors, interns and teams. We are blown away at the outpouring of support and enthusiasm. 

Christmas presents!: What about this Christmas, taking one of the most tumbledown little waifs into your family? Bring him or her around your FAMILY TABLE and give him something to hope for? Food, education, a family of kids growing in Christ, some love and hope – these are the things your $30 give.   

YOUTH HOME – we need a better name than that! Who can get the best name? Send it to our FB account. Or if you want to Donate. We will probably begin construction this coming summer – would you be willing to gather a group of contractors for the event?  

STAFF COTTAGE – we need one more, small cottage for staff housing. We already have a pad (where the tent was). So a simple rectangle with a roof and a deck – perhaps a small toilet/shower. This is the more urgent need. $5000 includes a septic for the toilet and furniture.  

LONG TERM CALL TO THE LEAST AND LOST? We are still seeking a few Westerners to join our amazing Zambian long-term staff. One or two-year staff are great too! Well, yeah – even teams!  

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