Month End Report – April 2012



Aaron and the girls he is supporting We have added a partner this month in Aaron Mulenga. He is a Zambian who has been caring for orphans in N Zambia. We met him years ago and have been mentoring and supporting him and his work for several years. We have invited him to come and serve with us for 6 months while we mentor him more personally and equip him for his calling of loving the least and the lost. Our hope is to build a partnership in N Zambia. We also welcomed Joey and Adrianne as interns for 6 months. Joey will be our construction supervisor, and Adrienne will work in the House of Moses. They hail from Grace Klein Community in Alabama.


We hired a bookkeeper! An awesome fit for us. Thanks for praying.

CPX team

A team from All Nations has arrived for a 6 week outreach into the villages. 9 CPX students (including a family w two kids) are camping with our Zambian associates (Engage training program). We are seeing a team of potential long term workers growing! They will be working in some of the more distant villages that are hard for us to consistently reach, but that appear to be on the verge of having sustainable churches. Pray with us for a significant breakthrough.


We are progressing slowly with our kitchen building project. Ninety 30 foot poles arrived in the village for the magnificent roof system. Joey will have lots of fun with this! This is the most expensive phase of the project – pray for funds so we can continue on schedule.

Village church

Early in April we started a Sunday meeting to gather our committed disciples from the 3 closest villages. Reports are positive, and I expect we may have some other such meetings starting soon in other villages. We are continuing our “hut churches” during the week as well, so Sunday is more a training for trainers once a week. We also instituted a new methodology we are excited about – we will continue doing our DBS’s (Discovery Bible Study), but with a slight twist. When we find a “person of peace” who is hungry for more of God, we will have him collect a group and give them a 12-20 session series thru the God Story – a chronological survey of the Bible, incorporating the significant stories that reveal the Story of God, His ways, and the gospel. Missiologists have shown that this is the best way to adjust an animistic world-view to a biblical worldview and see true conversion.

All Nations Conf

Mike, Nimisha, Regina and I went to a week long meeting at All Nations Cape Town. All Nations is growing like crazy and instituting many structures to strengthen our growing number of teams worldwide. We are privileged to be a part of such a growing Kingdom movement.

Back to School project

The garden is growing and just about to begin harvest and make some money! Love’s Door 4 All Nations will pay for another term of school for 25-30 upper grade students, but by next term the garden should be sustaining the school fees. Keep praying.

House of Moses Businesses

The garden is absolutely beautiful – a model of Kingdom blessing for the villagers to see. People are coming from far and wide to buy veggies during this time of scarcity in the villages. Chickens are continuing to multiply. Ken and Aaron are researching a business plan for another business to sustain African staff.


Tisery Sparrow is finally in her new home! Jeremiah and Missy are such happy new parents – it is beautiful to see. And Regina and Dan are proud grandparents 🙂


Trusting God for finanaces does not mean an automatic answer – in fact often an conspicuous silence. This is not indicative of His lack of interest – look at Abraham and Sarah! Rather it is an invitation to keep knocking and believing for the impossible. It’s an opportunity to please Him supremely – by continuing to trust Him in joy, and expect his answer shortly. There are things we could do to be more aggressive in fund-raising, but it is so much more important to us to be obedient than to be impressive – and the Word we have heard for this season is, “Be still and know that I am God”. Please partner with us in this.


Thanks again for all your support. If we have the finances we would like to have several building teams come and put up some small staff chalets on the village property this summer. Keep tuned. If you want to PARTNER WITH US  financially – here is our PayPal account:

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