Take My Love to the Nations!

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This song – Take My Love to the Nations – is dedicated to ALL NATIONS. We are so privileged to be a part of this awesome family.

The song was written while on our CPX mission trip (Church Planting eXperience – training for starting church planting  movements in Africa)  in Zanzibar. We had learned in the classes that God is doing a powerful work among the Muslims – “sending messages of love” to them in their dreams! We went to a Muslim area, and because of the confidence and the techniques we had learned in CPX we were able to baptize 4 people in that Muslim population before we pulled out a month later.

The last verse to the song is whistling. Here is the picture – Jesus, the farmer of a crop that is ready to harvest, is out on the back patio overlooking the ripe field below him. It is 8:10 and the harvesters were supposed to arrive at 8:00. He is waiting – with a cup of jo in his hand, looking at the crop, wondering what the yield will be and how the harvesters will do if they are late for the first day of work. He is whistling as he is waiting…

Let’s not be the late ones!

And for those who have requested the words to the song:

1. Take my love to the nations, show them I care, show them I’m there

Take my life’s blood that I shed for everyone and show them I care; just show them I’m there.

2. Take my Light to the dark places of this world and show them…

Watch their faces turn bright as they turn on that light and they see that I care; and they see that I’m there.

3. Take my healing to the broken hearted orphan child and show him I care ; show her I’m there

In her darkest night I will work for her with all my might to show her I care, to show her I’m there.

4. Take my Truth to the Muslims I’m thinking of, show them I care; show them I’m there

I’m sending messages of Love, I’m the One that they’re dreaming of, just show them I care; show them I’m there.

5. Take my Life to the war torn refugees, show them I care; show them I’m there

To the chiefs and the warlords and the presidents of this world, show them I care; show them I’m there.

6. Cause if you don’t go how then will they know that I still care; that I’m really there

Your my hands and my feet and my message to this world to show them I care; to show them I’m there.


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