Sponsor a Child

For only $30 a month, you can sponsor any of the children below. With their sponsorship, they will receive school, food, tutoring, spiritual and life-skills training in a loving community. Simply choose a child below, click on their link, sign up for your monthly payments and we will send a New Sponsor Packet to you with a picture and instructions.

Charity Mulenga

Charity is a delightful child. Born to a teen mother with no father she was neglected for several years. Today she is living in the House of Noah.

Sharon Mate

Sharon is another one of those lovely young girls with so much potential yet with so much against her ever achieving it – unless she is given the chance of school and an upbuilding community.

Alice Mwansa

Alice is a lively and playful little girl. In spite of her dire situation, she seems to be well-adjusted and happy. Your sponsorship of Alice would help in allowing her to continue to see hope and love through the people that care for her. It may enable her to thrive and not just survive.

Peterson Malindi

Twelve-year old Peterson's mother died when he was four. Because his father is afflicted with mental illness, his impoverished grandmother has cared for him all these years. He managed to go to school through the support of a great-uncle, but that man passed away last year. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference for Peterson's life.

Webbie Sitali

Webbie's mother died recently and he is not getting much food or care.

Jennipher Katukula

Jennipher lives in the village with her cripplied father. She will not go to school unless someone sponsors her, as they have no income and the father has no ability to make a living.

Susan Likando

Susan is one of four children in a poverty-stricken family in the village of Lioka. She is regularly kicked out of school for non-payment of fees. Her mother is hoping she'll be sponsored, although she confided to me that both Susan (grade six) and her younger sister don't know how to read. Your support can make such a difference in Susan's life.

Grace Mufana

Grace is not even trying to go to school. Many kids try, then when they are turned away enough times they give up. She has not had anyone to pay for her schooling for a long time. She lives in our poorest village with 4 siblings and her mother. Her father died years ago.

Mary Kamwe

Mary's mother is living her stepdad who doesn't want any kids, so Mary stays with her aunt. Her aunt has a job but is struggling to support a house of six people. If Mary is sponsored, she'll be able to attend school and make a better life for herself.

Rodrick Muuba

Rodrick Muuba is ten years old, from the village of Singanga. He has one older brother and a baby sister. His father gets occasional random employment from Love's Door but the family struggles frequently to get by. By some small miracle, he has been able to complete grade three and wants to continue on. Your support and our tutoring can make a difference for this boy's future!

Blessing Mukupa

Blessing is surely a blessing! She lost both parents - probably to AIDS as most of the kids here experience. She stays with an aunt in our poorest compound of Livingstone. Thank God for the school that has allowed her to come for free. We want to make sure she has food and tutoring and discipleship so she can become all that God created her for.

Judith Moonga

Judith's mother left her with her grandparents several years ago. Her Grandfather, who supported the family with his job, recently passed away. Her Grandmother cannot provide for the children financially. Sponsorship for Judith would be a huge blessing for this family, and will help ease the burden of care. Your assistance will encourage them that indeed, God sees them and has not forgotten them.

Ida Mbewe

Ida is such a sweet and curious young girl. She is a quick learner. There are hidden gifts waiting to emerge! The love shown through sponsorship would open up doors of opportunity and possibility for her.

Richard Kabasiya

Richard is a double orphan, which means that both of his parents have passed away. His favorite subject in school is social studies, and he wants to be in the military when he grows up. Sponsorship would give him the opportunity to fulfill his dreams and become what he was created to be.

Saphira Mugale

Parents are serving the poor and have no money to send to high school which is expensive for most Zambians. She wants to be a Dr. She is a solid believer and seems a strong leader like her parents, sharp and committed believer. Sits in my bible study for the adults every week.

Martha Kunda

Martha is a sweet and kind girl. She lives in a family that isn't able to provide for even their basic needs. Your sponsorship would be an example to her of how to serve through the love of Jesus.

Elina Chikwala

Elina is mentally handicapped. Her father was never in her life, and her mother died when she was 10. She would not go to school without being sponsored as they want her to care for the little brother.

Setina Mugale

Setina is a happy girl with many handicaps – it seems cerebrial malaria has impaired her speech, she has uncontrolled drooling and her left arm is atrophied. Perhaps medical attention would help her.

Brian Simasiku

Brian is such a gentle, shy, kind and polite boy. He loves to go with the soccer team to games but does not have time to play on the team. He's very respectful and bright. He loves math and English, and wants to be a teacher someday.

George Supani

George has always lived in a tenuous situation - his father is a rascal, making the marriage and sustenance unpredictable. They have suffered much as a family. Yet I see such potential in this one.

Cynthia Muyambela

Cynthia seems an exceptional girl. I think God has big things for her. She is now trying to go to school, but has no funds, so they chase her away time after time, but she keeps persisting. She is determined to be a nurse. She heard we were trying to find sponsors and came and looked me up. She wants to be a nurse. It's normal for girls her age to go through a ceremony to prepare for marriage - she will not do that. She wants to get to 12th grade and beyond!

Leonard Mwemba

Leonard is a bright boy but in a very difficult situation with no parents and his caregivers have no income.

Bridget Kabeta

Bridget is 8 years old and in 2nd grade. She lives with her mom and three siblings. Her parents are divorced and mom has no income. They get by somehow with a small garden and fish from the river. She has a friendly smile, and we pray that she comes to know the love of Jesus.

Vera Kasilozi

Vera got pregnant at 15 and dropped out of school. She's married, but her husband has no job and will watch the kids with her mother. She wants to go back to school and get out of poverty. There is a program for adults completing grade 12 that will allow them to work quickly. She's good at math and science, loves to read books and the Bible. She wants to be a teacher.

Shaft Moyoba

Shaft is 12 years old. His mother has a job, but makes very little. Sponsorship would provide food, education, and mentorship.
Jordan Kamujaoma

Jordan Kamujoma

Jordan is 6 years old and in grade 1. He is a shy boy, living in the village with his aged and crippled parents who are not able to work.

Shamira Kayamba

Shamira is a lovely shy girl who loves to serve. Her parents died when she was young and never had a secure place to stay until she came to the House of Noah.
Edward Zingisa

Edward Muhau

Edward is 10 years old and lives in the village of Singanga with his grandmother who has no income. There is very little food available to Edward and he is not able to attend school because of the lack of funds.

Monde Shabbat

Monde is a lovely little girl with a sweet spirit. Because of a moderate handicap, she is unable to walk far to school; leaving her in only the thrid grade. She has determination to excel quickly, given the opportunity.

Jemes Tembo

Jemes Tembo’s parents both died when he was just 5 years old. He lives with his grandmother in the village. They survived by doing odd jobs in the village but sometime go without food the all day. Both his parents died with incurable diseases like many who leave orphan kids in Africa. He is in our disciple class learning deeper spirituality.

Mike Hachambka

Mike is a double orphan - both parents have passed. He is staying with his grandmother in the poorest compound in Livingstone. Mike is a happy boy and never seems to be troubled by his poverty, though you can see that he needs more care. Pray for Mike that he can grow to be all that God created him for.

Patricia Sitali

Patricia is a single orphan and lives in a very poor area with no household income. She is slightly handicapped in one side.

Pricilla Ngulube

Priscilla is a girl with much promise – yet little positive support in life. With your love and support, she would have a chance to grow in the love of Jesus. She would receive her daily needs and an education that would help her become all God designed her to be.

Paulina Kabeta

Parent divorced. Stays w mom in Lioka. 5 in house. No job. Get food from grandparents. No blanket. No uniform or books or backpack. Get chased when they go to school. She lives with Queen - or at least Queen is the one who takes care of her - along with anoterh 9 orphans and homeless ones. She is a quiet sweet girl - probably from the deep village, but very respectful. Always comes to church because she is drawn to Life. Wants to be accountant.

Jane Likando

Jane is one of four children, parents have no regular income but only occasional piecework. The children go to school until teachers kick them out for unpaid school fees, then slip back into class a week later until it happens again. The mother desires an education for her children. Please help this dream become a reality!

Shadrick Chanda

Shadrick is 6 years old and has a ten-year-old sister. He's in grade one at a free community school, where his mother serves with five other locals as voluntary untrained teachers. Your sponsorship of Shadrick will not only provide for him, but will assist these teachers to buy chalk and other school needs.   he lives with his single mom and sister in Walale (north).

George Lubasi

George is the oldest of two, living with his single mother in Singanga Village. The mother sells village beer to make a small income. Otherwise they have nothing and neither go to school. The mother has come to church and Bible studies at times, but it would be so wonderful to begin to disciple her children.

Naomi Samunzila

Naomi is such a lovely child. She is currently living with her grandmother and a sibling. They have no income and their basic living needs are unable to be met. Naomi has a desire to learn and was attending school but not as of late. Please give her an opportunity to keep that passion to learn alive.

Ida Mufana

Ida lives with her family or 6 other siblings - including a pair of newborn twins - a very difficult thing in such poverty. She is very vulnerable because she is living with a stepfather who does not treat her well. We pray that she can find some way to not become a street kid, though she's run away before. She is bright and hard working, but just has many problems in her family. Pray for her.

Godfrey Mambwe

Godfrey was born into a life of no advantages. Your support and encouragement in his life could change that. There is a purpose and a plan for Godfrey. You could be a vital part of that for him.

Beauty Chelo Lishabati

Her family is very hard working, though very poor and vulnerable. Her father died 8 years ago and all the daughters try to work hard to support the family. She wants to be a nurse. She has been out of school for a few years, got married briefly, but that ended in divorce -she no children. Now she wants to go back to school. Your sponsorship would provide her the opportunity to go back to school and fulfill her dream.

Charity Mkanza

Charity has lost both parents to disease - as so many of these kids have. She is staying with an uncle in a poor compound and has been allowed to come to school for free so far. We thank God for Charity. Please pray for her that she can overcome all the obsticals that she will face in her poverty.

Anna Kaputo

Anna lives with her grandmother because both of her parents have died. She does what she can to help the family. With your help, she will get the education she needs to make a way in the world.

Monde Kadiyo

Monde is handicapped with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism. Her mother neglected her for drink and men. She was basically cared for by her 6 year old brother. Now she is living in the House of Moses.

Melony Mwansa

Melony lives with her mother who is unemployed and not able to care for Melony's needs or see that she gets an education. Sponsoring Melony would give her hope and she would be taught the love of Jesus - giving hope to her hopeless situation.

Loveness Katakula

Twins are so much fun! Loveness and her brother Mark just turned eight years old. Their mother abandoned the family for another man when they were toddlers. Father had managed to care for them while holding down a job until he contracted a disease which left him crippled and unable to work. He has improved somewhat after prayers for his legs, and Love’s Door has provided a micro-loan to help him start a small business. The twins joined us in January 2014, and were delighted to sleep in bunk beds and receive new clothes and shoes. Pray with us that they will blossom as they experience the Father’s great love for them

Susan M'kanda

Susan is an adult double orphan who has been able to get sponsored thru High School and now is trying to find a way to get thru college for 2-4 years so she can be a teacher and come and serve with Love's Door for 4 years or more. She is a lovely believer in Jesus.

Christobel Maklena

Christobel is nine years old and doesn’t yet know how to write her name. She is the oldest girl and lives with her mother and stepfather. Her pregnant mother moves from man to man and Christobel is often left with caring for her two-year old half brother. Your sponsorship will make a world of difference for her!

John Chikunda

John is six years old, his father passed away when he was an infant and his mother works as a maid for very low pay. He has two older siblings--the oldest at age 9 goes to school in town, so any money mom makes goes to pay for those school fees. John and his other sister go to the small school we are connected with, whose teacher has allowed them to come at no cost. His family lives in a one-room brick house.

Warren Siamukangoba

Warren is a young disciple in our church. He has been sitting for a long time without going to school regularly - just when he can find a little money to go to a term, then he has to drop again. But he really wants to get ahead and learn now that he has received Christ. He is a very nice young man and wants to be a teacher.

Sharon Noona

Sharon is a beautiful young girl who recently joined the House of Moses with twelve years of painful experiences behind her. It is such a privilege to witness the transformation that happens---first the bath, the clean towel and bedsheets, clothing that fits, regular meals.... and more gradually, the inner changes that come from living in a loving family, learning boundaries and working together. Please pray that God would heal every wound, and that Sharon's life would be a testimony to his goodness!

Rebecka Ndaala

After 7th grade it is hard for the poor families to afford school - she declares she did well in school though and is very motivated to continue. She stays with a young man - semi married. Mother will watch child when she continues education.

Colleen Malumani

Colleen has not been to school in over a year but still desires to become a doctor. He lives on his own as his parents are divorced and he is not wanted by the step-parent. With love and support, he would be encouraged to finish school , allowing him to become all he was created to be.

Daniel Mulenga

Daniel is a very respectful boy with a passion to succeed in life. He was very neglected and passed around from one home to another until he was taken into the House of Noah.

Lillian Metema

Lillian lives with her mother who was widowed when Lillian's father was killed by an elephant. Her family of four is striving to survive with no income.

Victoria Mufana

Victoria is a very bright and reserved child. She always keeps herself neat and clean, though she lives in a very small hut with her mother and 4 siblings - all mud and thatch. Her village is the poorest, and all her relatives are single mothers with zero income. We pray that Victoria will have a chance to go to grade 12 or beyond - the only chance would be a sponsor.

Gibson Muyambo

Gibson is in a very vulnerable position. His mother is mentally ill and his father is very old and handicapped. He lives in complete poverty. He does not go to school but would get a chance to do that with your sponsorship.

Moreen Mufana

Moreen's mother is very handicapped and a drunk, and has no job. They are very, very poor and disadvantaged. Given the opportunity, Moreen can attend school and work to rise up out of this extreme poverty.

Maggie Mayumbelo

Maggie is a double orphan, living with her grandmother for the past year since her parents' deaths. She is in Grade Three. There is no steady income of any kind supporting this makeshift family--grandma and an aunt are caring for seven children. The security of knowing that school expenses are covered will make a real difference for Maggie, and we trust she will also come to know the love of her heavenly Father.

Misolze Matale

Misolze is a sweet, kind girl. She tries to attend school but they continue to send her away because she has no money to pay. She lives with her grandmother and 9 other children. Her father passed away and her mother cannot care for her.She attends church with her grandmother and one day hopes to a teacher.

Renny Chary

Renny is a single orphan, and lives with her mom, who has no job. They beg for food. Sponsorship would allow her to go to school and create a better life for herself.

Rosemary Na'ke

Rosemary is an orphan, living with an elderly distant aunt as a helper. She loves English, to play sports - in particular netball, and hopes to one day become a doctor.

Jeremiah Likando

Jeremiah is the youngest of three living brothers. His father worked for years as a security guard for very low wages but the contract has ended. He now crushes rock into gravel with a hammer and sells it. Jeremiah's mother passed away years and ago and his younger brother died from diarrhea last year. Dad has remarried and there is now a 2 year old sister. Your sponsorship will greatly impact this very vulnerable child's life and show the tangible love of Jesus.

Mary Chiweka

This little princess needs some help to go to school. She and her three brothers live with mom and grandmother and three other cousins. With her last remaining uncle's recent death, the family is left with no visible means of support. Mom's health also seems to be in question. Your assistance will help to stabilize Mary's future.

Daniel Mbewe

Daniel is the 11-year old son of Mama Susan, our housemother who recently passed away. He and his older brother are being cared for in town by their aunt, who has no income. Daniel has a strong faith and was such an encouragement to his mother during her sickness, often coming to pray for her. Without assistance, he will not be able to continue his schooling. We want to honor Mama Sue's life by continuing to care for her sons.

Favour Hamgombie

Favour is a double orphan - father and mother passed away years ago. She is a very happy girl though - staying with an aunt near to town. Somehow this small school has allowed her to come for free until now, but she needs sponsorship and your prayers to overcome the struggles she is facing in life.

Winnie Matale

Winnie is one of the worship leaders in church – she loves Jesus and wants to live for him. If she can keep in school and avoid marriage for a few more years she will become a leader of God's movement in these villages.

Judith Nasilele

Needs glasses for school. She is the sweetest girl that always has a happy disposition, though so totally impoverished. She speaks English rather well for a village girl - perhaps lived in town before her parents died. If she can be sponsored she will make much of her opportunity. Wants to be teacher.

Mutinta Mufana

Mutinta is very shy, but has many friends she plays with in the village. She lives with her mother and 3 siblings in a 10x10 mud and thatch hut in our poorest of villages. They have no income or livelyhood. The mother is partially crippled. Mutinta has hopes to become a nurse one day.

Brenda Mapani

Stopped school for a couple years but really wants to continue. Seems serious about continuing her education and getting out of the village before it’s too late.

Winifreda Lubasi

Winifreda is a lovely little girl with a winning personality that needs a chance to get ahead in life.

Richard Metema

Richard's father was killed by an elephant recently while poaching. Richard is in a very vulnerable situation and could benefit greatly through a sponsorship that would provide food, schooling and mentoring.